Merylholics will be taking a hiatus. I perceive it’s already evident in the lack of posting. For now, there are other wonderful Meryl Streep related blogs to visit. Check them out :)

Anonymous said: Your school is in the news. Thoughts?

I’d rather not publicize that issue, which is rather ridiculous, on this Tumblog. I keep my thoughts to myself on other social networking sites about it, and I would certainly keep it hidden from a gray face. 

vreesloos said: I was going through your Tumblr and saw that you live in Toronto, Ontario! I live here too! :)

ps. Meryl Streep is a goddess.

:) How crazy would it be if we actually met before.. omg. Can’t believe another Merylholic is so close! 

ps. I know.

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Mom: Btw- In the car yesterday i knew what you meant when you were on the phone with your friend and said “Do you want to poke smot?” MOMMY IS DISAPPOINTED!!!!!

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